4,000 janitors for Twin Cities corporate buildings preparing for 24-hour strike next week

Approximately 4,000 janitorial workers who clean the buildings of many of the big corporations in the Twin Cities say they will strike for one day next week if they do not reach a fair contract agreement with their employers. 

The Service Employees International Union Local 26 said the two sides have been negotiating for months, but management has “stalled and refused to bargain fairly on demands.” 

The main sticking points, according to the union, are wages, paid sick days and a green training program, which they say would “help workers and be a way for tenants in giant office buildings to address their huge role in climate change in Minnesota.” 

SEIU Local 26 has not announced the exact date of the 24-hour strike. 

More than a dozen subcontractors employ the janitors to clean corporate buildings including IDS, Capella Tower, EcoLab, U.S. Bank, Wells Fargo, United Health Group, Ameriprise and others.