24-hour fundraiser in Stillwater challenges golfers to make hole-in-one

On a cold night, a group of golfers is up for a lofty challenge: Making a hole-in-one.

Waggle Golf, based out of Roseville, Minnesota, and others are stepping up to the challenge, all to raise money for the Special Olympics.

The competition is underway at Logger's Trailer Golf Course in Stillwater. It started Thursday morning at 7 a.m. and runs until Friday morning at 7 a.m. Despite the winter coats and hats, Waggle golf made it a great day to go sunrise to sunrise. The idea came from a discussion as the team threw around a really random question.

"If you had 24 hours to hit a hole-in-one -- if you made it, you get $5 million, if you miss it you go to jail for a year -- would you do it?" pondered Caroline Ponessa with Waggle Golf. "We said how crazy would it be to actually do this thing?"

Well, there's no $5 million, and no jail, but Waggle Golf is donating $1 for every ball hit by their team, and outsiders can donate $50 for thirty minutes.

"I figured why not give it shot," said Adam Tollifson, who took shots. "I love the Special Olympics, so I figured it was an easy way to get some practice in and you know feel a little bit concerned about my game a little bit."

But, while many failed, at least one lucky golfer converted on the challenge. We were on the course as Mitch Martinez took a swing and canned the shot. He walked away with $500 worth of golf gear from Waggle.

"It's the first time I've ever had a hole-in-one and it's a great cause," said Mitch Martinez. "I think I probably hit sixty, seventy [shots]."

The very cold golf event will go on all night long. For the Waggle team, there is a penalty of sorts. No hole in one means they have to do a Polar Plunge and being newbies to that, they might need a little help.