23 beagles rescued from breeding facility for animal testing will soon be ready for adoption

Twenty-three beagles that were removed from a facility that breeds dogs for animal testing arrived at the Animal Humane Society's facility in Golden Valley Saturday and will be ready for adoption this week.

The dogs, 15 adult beagles ranging in age from three to eight years old as well as eight puppies, all eight weeks old, were transferred to AHS by the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS). They were born and raised in the testing facility and lived in, "confined, unsanitary conditions with little socialization with people," until they were removed, according to a press release from AHS.

According to AHS, beagles are frequently used in animal testing because of their small size and docile, trusting nature.

HSUS also sent another two dogs not connected to the testing facility to AHS: two 1-year-old jindo dogs rescued from a South Korean dog meat farm

All 25 dogs will be evaluated and treated for any medical or behavioral issues before AHS makes them available for adoption by listing them on the organization's website over the next several days.  

AHS says the dogs may require extra time and patience to adapt to life in a home, as well as post-adoption medical care to address issues like dental disease.