2 rescued from pipeline in northern Minnesota

Two people were pulled from a pipe at the Enbridge Willow River pipeline crossing Sunday in northern Minnesota.

According to a press release from the Northern Lights Task Force - comprised of northern Minnesota law enforcement agencies - the Aitkin County Sheriff's Office learned of two people who climbed inside the east end of the pipe. Officials say the pipe was capped at one end, which created a trapped air environment that reached nearly 130 degrees with limited oxygen.

According to officials, a firefighter put on a Self Contained Breathing Apparatus and tried to reach the two people, but they refused to come back with him.

A law enforcement official then put on the gear and entered the pipe. According to the NLTF, when he reached the two people in the pipe, he noted they were wearing respirators but were exhibiting signs of fatigue and heat stroke. One of the two reportedly said they had 3.5 minutes of oxygen left in their respirators.

The NLTF wrote that the two again refused to exit, and air was running out, so "force was used to rig the individuals with ropes so the exterior crew could pull them out to safety."

Both parties were treated by an ambulance crew. 

The two were then taken into custody, with the Aitkin County Attorney's Office considering charges.