2 charged in connection to downtown St. Paul shooting

Two men were charged in connection to the shooting that left one woman dead and multiple others injured early Sunday in downtown St. Paul.

According to the Ramsey County Attorney's Office, 33-year-old Terry Lorenzo Brown, of St. Paul, is charged with 11 counts of second-degree attempted murder and one count of second-degree murder.

Devondre Trevon Phillips, 29, of Las Vegas, is charged with 12 counts of second-degree attempted murder.

According to the criminal complaint, at about 12:15 a.m. Oct. 10, officers responded to the Truck Park bar on West 7th Street in St. Paul on a report of a shooting. When they arrived, they found multiple people suffering from gunshot wounds. One woman, later identified as Marquisha Wiley, died of her injuries.

Witness told officers they saw three separate shooters and described them to police. Officers were able to identify two of the suspects, who were receiving medical treatment for their injuries. 

According to the complaint, several witnesses said they disarmed Brown as he lay on the floor of the bar. Brown reportedly told a security guard, "don't let the police get the gun…the light-skinned guy shot me first." Brown was taken to the hospital a short time later.

Phillips was taken to the hospital and when he came out of surgery, officers had reviewed surveillance video from the bar and determined he was one of the shooters.

Surveillance video shows the moments Phillips was talking to two women when another man, identified in the complaint as JH, came up to them, appearing upset. JH directed one of the women to walk with him toward the end of the bar. Meanwhile, Phillips stopped talking to the other woman and walked toward the rest of his group.

According to the complaint, Brown then entered the bar. At that point, JH and another man came back into the bar. JH, Brown, and the other man were talking with each other while looking in Phillips' direction. Phillips then moved to a part of the bar and had his back to the wall. JH then walked up to Phillips, and Phillips shot him in the abdomen.

The complaint states that Phillips then walked toward the door and fired at Brown. Phillips was in between Brown and Marquisha Wiley when he fired. Brown then fired back at Phillips.

Phillips then crouched and returned fire. Phillips fell, and the two continued shooting at one another.

Brown tried to stand, but he immediately fell due to a broken leg. 

Phillips ran out the door and into a Honda Civic down the street. He got out of the Civic and was later found on the street by officers. After obtaining a search warrant, officers found a handgun in the Civic.

The man identified as JH was admitted to the hospital with two gunshot wounds to his stomach. He told investigators he went to the bar with Brown and said he "messes" with the woman Phillips was talking to at the bar, but he denied he was upset over it. He claimed he only said, "what's up?" to Phillips.

According to the complaint, during interviews with police, Brown said he saw a man who is a relative of the woman he is dating. He said he and the other man are on bad terms due to allegations of domestic abuse between Brown and his girlfriend.

The other man, Phillips, walked up and shot at Brown. Brown then pulled out a gun and shot back. Both were hit and fell to the ground, still shooting at each other. Brown claims Phillips shot at him first. Brown also admitted he is ineligible to possess a firearm.

During interviews with police, Phillips said he just got back to Minnesota from Las Vegas and said he was in the bar for about 30-60 minutes before the shooting started. Phillips said he crawled out of the bar and passed out, and he said he was not part of the shooting. He told police he felt he was targeted, but he didn't know why. Phillips also said he didn't remember firing a gun, but he remembered a lot of shot, pain and lights. Phillips is ineligible to possess a firearm.