2 arrested for DWI in same car in Eden Prairie

Two people in the same car each got a DWI during a traffic stop in Eden Prairie, Minnesota.

According to police, back in April, an officer spotted a car speeding on Highway 62. The car then went through a red light. As he was trying to pull the car over, the officer noticed it slow down and saw the driver and passenger switch places.

Once the car was stopped, the officer noticed both occupants smelled of alcohol and had watery, bloodshot eyes.

The man, who was originally in the driver’s seat, blew a .24 in a preliminary breath test. The female blew a .15. The legal limit in Minnesota is .08. 

Since both of them drove the car while they were impaired, both were charged with DWI, among other charges. According to police, the man had three previous DWI arrests in the past 10 years which elevated his DWI to a felony charge. As a result, the vehicle was forfeited.