19 students facing riot charges following massive brawl at St. Cloud, Minn. school

After a massive fight at Tech High School in St. Cloud last week, 19 students have been charged.

Most of the students are facing riot charges related to the brawl on Wednesday, September 25. One 16-year-old boy however is also facing charges for terroristic threats and possession of a dangerous weapon on school property. Officers say that the student had a pocket knife that he displayed but didn't use.

Four other students were charged with riot and aiding and abetting assault.

Officers were called to the school just before noon last week for the brawl. According to police, the fight started between two 16-year-old boys who had been involved in a previous fight and were still feuding. From there, the fight grew as police said friends of the two students started fighting each other in different hallway locations in the school.

A school resource officer immediately worked to break up the fight but called in backup to help handle the situation. The school was placed on lockdown as security and police tried to get the fight under control. We're told the school resumed to normal activites by 1 p.m.

We're told three staff members suffered minor injuries while trying to break-up the fight.

According to police, none of the students involved in the fight will return to school this year and will face serious discipline, including expulsion, following the fight.