150 days in jail for punch that nearly killed Isaac Kolstad

Trevor Shelley has been sentenced to 150 days in jail for the Mankato, Minn. bar closing sucker punch that nearly killed Isaac Kolstad in May 2014. Shelley declined to deliver an apology in court Friday, having his lawyer speak on his behalf.

Both Isaac Kolstad and his mother read victim impact statements. Teresa Kolstad ripped into Shelley for running and hiding after sucker punching her son.

"All of Isaac's scars remind me that Isaac is stronger than the men who assaulted him,” Kolstad’s mother said in court.

Kolstad still struggles to speak due to the traumatic brain injury suffered in the assault. His eyes kept shifting across to Trevor Shelley during the 45-minute sentencing hearing.

Isaac Kolstad told the court, “I can’t drive or work. My family has to fill my role as a father because I’m not capable to drive or pick up my daughters from daycare.”

Kolstad added, “When I look in a mirror, I see my scar and what happened, everytime.”

Isaac’s Mom Teresa addressed Shelley directly, “A part of my heart died that day. Your fist caused irreversible damage to Isaac’s brain. You made the decision to assault Isaac.”

She continued, “You ran away. And while you were with your friends, you bragged about hitting someone and knocking them out. That someone was my son.”

Blue Earth County District Judge Bradley Walker said Shelley was not a criminal, but did commit a "serious and criminal" act. Prosecutors had asked for 365 days behind bars, and the Kolstad family said they were "disappointed" in the lighter sentence. Shelley has one week to turn himself into the Blue Earth County jail to begin serving his 150 day sentence.

Blue Earth County Attorney Pat McDermott voiced his frustration with Shelley’s sentencing, “The punishment must fit the crime. And in this circumstance, the crime is serious involving great bodily harm. I just think 150 days in jail diminishes the seriousness of the offense & the case."

Civil lawsuits

Immediately after Friday's sentencing, Kolstad's attorney announced civil lawsuits will be filed against Shelley, Philip Nelson and the two Mankato bars that served them alcohol the night of the assault.

Philip Nelson back on the football field

Nelson, a former starting quarterback at the University of Minnesota, was sentenced to community service after pleading guilty to fifth-degree assault last March for his role in the assault. He is set to be the starting quarterback at East Carolina this season.