11-year-old keeps himself busy during hospital visits with acts of kindness

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Eric Piburn is only 11 years old, and has been dealing with health problems his entire life. Instead of focusing on the bad, he has been trying to inspire others.

He has had four heart surgeries and is in need of a heart and double-lung transplant.

"Whenever I get admitted, I get needles, IV's. Sometimes a chest tube if I have fluid in my chest," Eric explained to FOX 13. "That's happened three times, I think."

In the hospital, he watches TV, and one show caught his attention: The Ellen DeGeneres Show. It's one where people get his favorite thing, which are presents, but that wasn't the only take away from the show. 

Her consistent motto is one that sticks with him: Be kind to one another.

"I want to do acts of kindness because most kids, sometimes like me, end up in the hospital and they don't have anything to keep them entertained until they go home," Eric said. "I want to give them acts of kindness so they can keep some stuff and when they get home they can have fun and hopefully not go in the hospital all the time." 

Eric started a Facebook page and is challenging himself to do random acts of kindness all over town.

"So far, we've given cookies to cops, or donuts... can't remember which one," he said. "We gave flowers to nurses and also cops and we also gave food and presents to kids."

Maybe this "kindness warrior" will catch the attention of Ellen, and he'll be able to introduce himself.

"I'll say, 'Hi Ellen, how's it going? My name is Eric and I have heard great stories about you. I watch you on TV and I want to dance with you and just want to have fun with you,'" Eric said. "Maybe, she'll give me presents at the end. I just love presents."