100-year-old man mows lawns, shovels snow in Minnesota

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A South St. Paul man turned 100 years old today, but you wouldn't be able to tell by watching him. He's keeping busy and staying young at the same time, while inspiring many.

George Burns, Bob Hope and titanic actress Gloria Stewart are some of the people who lived past the century mark. Now Howard Gustafson is joining their ranks, and he's showing no signs of slowing down.

Spend any time with the great grandfather, and you can tell he's quite a character. Fox 9 first met Grandpa Gus a couple of years ago when we caught the 98-year-old clearing the snow for a half-dozen neighbors, even though most of them are half his age.

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"I'm the one that's supposed to be getting some help," he laughed.

Now on his 100th birthday, the centenarian still likes to play with what he calls his summer toys, while mowing his neighbor's lawns and exercising his green thumb every chance he gets.

"Part of it is I like neatness in the neighborhood," Gustafson said.

His son-in-law said he's very inspirational -- "Shows if you stay active, eat right, have a good lifestyle, it does make a difference."

The 100-year-old said he gets his energy from oatmeal, saying "if it's good enough for horses, it's good enough for me." He also joked that he keeps shoveling to try and kill himself off or test his longevity.

Even though arthritis makes it more difficult for Gustafson to get out of bed in the morning, he isn't ready to call it a night just yet.

"What they call it is I have a pain in my assetabulums," he said. "You know what I'm talking about? I think so."

Gustafson's extended family will help him celebrate his big birthday this Saturday, and his church will mark this momentous occasion on Sunday.

"I may have a lot to learn yet but I'm still trying," Gustafson said.