1 killed, 1 injured after truck speeds away from police in Osseo, MN

Police in Osseo, Minnesota, say one person died and another was injured when a truck sped off and crashed after a squad car drove past it at a car wash on Sunday.

In a release, Osseo police say an officer was driving past Koehler Car Wash when they noticed a car that appeared to have its license plate covered. When the officer circled back to check the car out, a driver in a different vehicle in one of the car wash bays sped off at a "high rate of speed." 

Police say the officer did not pursue the vehicle because of how fast the fleeing truck was driving. 

The truck was seen traveling south on Country Road 81 heading toward Brooklyn Park. Osseo police notified Brooklyn Park police that a truck was last seen speeding toward their city.

The Osseo officer who first saw the truck speed away came upon a crash scene at the intersection of County Road 81 and Brooklyn Boulevard. There, police say, the officer saw one person flee the truck on foot. That person was later taken into custody.

Responding officers rendered aid to two people who were injured and still in the truck. One of those people died at the scene, the other was transported to the hospital in critical condition.