Minnesota Weather: A warmer start to the weekend

Expect a windy weekend with up to 30 mph winds. Despite the wind, this weekend will be sunny with seasonable temperatures.

The rain and cloud cover has been pulled away by an area of low pressure, leading into a sunny Friday. A warm front moving across the state will cause a warm start to the weekend with a high temperature of 67 in the metro area Friday. Temperatures will cool down into the low 50s, high 40s Friday night. 

By early Saturday morning, the winds will start to pick up with 15 to 20 mile per hour winds, sometimes even getting up to 30 miles per hour. Saturday will be a little cooler with high temperatures in the high 50s. Sunday will be sunny and a bit windy, with a high of 60. 

After the weekend temperatures will start to drop as a cold front moves through the state, with a few showers expected later next week. 

Seven-day forecast.