Minnesota Forecast: Twin Cities Marathon canceled due to record-breaking heat

The start of October has been unseasonably warm. With record high temperatures expected throughout the day today, the Twin Cities Marathon has been canceled

Temperatures this morning are in mid-60s to 70s, but will rise as the day goes on. Wind is starting to pick up in the Twin Cities area, which will blow in more heat and humidity. Fog continues to linger around the north and south shore of Lake Superior, but the Twin Cities has full visibility. 

Some spotty storms and showers in western and northern Minnesota are sticking around from Saturday, but most of the state will have clear, sunny skies. Later this afternoon, temperatures are expected to rise to the 90s, but it won't be quite as muggy as Saturday. Monday, expect record heat again, with temperatures in the upper 80s. This heat spell is not expected to break until a cold front comes in on Wednesday.