RECIPE: Cranberry rosemary Moscow mule

Here is a Christmas twist on the Moscow mule, by incorporating cranberry sauce and fresh rosemary. First, make a batch of cider cranberry sauce, let it cool, then puree in the blender until smooth.

Cranberry Rosemary Moscow Mule

Muddle 3 1/8’s of a lime in the bottom of your mug with two sprigs of fresh rosemary. Add 1/4 c. cider cranberry puree, along with 2 tbsp. ginger liqueur and 1/4 c. pear vodka. Fill mug with ice and top off with ginger ale. Stir to combine with a cocktail spoon and enjoy!

Taco Popcorn

Place 2 tbsp. canola oil into maker, along with 1/3 c. popcorn - pop over medium heat until popcorn is fully popped.  Remove from heat, open gasket on top of popper and add 1 c. shredded cheddar cheese and 2 tbsp. taco seasoning - stir until fully combined, and cheese is melted.  Remove cover and enjoy!