When modern and medieval times clash

Where modern and medieval times clash, a group of history buffs takes up arms against each other. FOX 9’s Maury Glover shares what the Society for Creative Anachronism is all about.

'Bachelormania' cherished by Herman, MN bachelors

In the tiny town of Herman, Minnesota, there are farm fields as far as the eye can see. It's planting season for crops like corn, wheat and soybeans, but Herman's real claim to fame is sowing the seeds of love decades ago.

Alan Page pours heart into making maple syrup

Alan Page is known for many things. An NFL MVP and Hall of Famer, as well as a retired Minnesota State Supreme Court justice. But how about maple syrup maker? For nearly a decade, Page has been pouring his heart into a labor of love. On the shores of Lake Washburn, near Outing, Minnesota, about three hours north of the Twin Cities, a man of many talents and accomplishments has found a place of peace.

Pez Heads: Next-level Pez dispenser collectors

It's the end of the day at Mora High School and 10th graders are studying math in Jayson Pautzke's geometry class. But look around the edges of the classroom and Pautzke's fascination with a certain brand of candy dispenser really starts to add up.

Sourdough mastery earns home baker a trip to Super Bowl

What started as a way to revisit a long lost hobby has now become a labor of love for a Minnetonka man. FOX 9’s Maury Glover shows us it’s been an opportunity for this baker to rise to the occasion on one of the world’s largest stages.

Lakeview Lakers football team inspired by teammate who defies the odds

Terrek Jenniges, a freshman, has caudal regression, which impedes the development in his lower body. He uses a wheelchair to get around but that hasn't stopped him from proving people wrong. He's a place holder for the kickers on the Lakeview Lakers. It's a chance at freedom for Jenniges, and his teammates welcomed him with open arms. And Jenniges' positive attitude has had an equally positive effect on the team.