Vikings win 'photobomb' lawsuit against Wells Fargo

The Minnesota Vikings have won a legal battle with Wells Fargo over large, illuminated rooftop signage atop the bank’s East Town towers adjacent to U.S. Bank Stadium. A court order, signed by Judge Donovan Frank, says Wells Fargo must “uninstall and remove the two rooftop signs currently installed on the Wells Fargo Towers” within 30 days.

Other key components of the court order include:

“Wells Fargo is prohibited from maintaining or installing rooftop signs that the Signage Agreement prohibits, including, but not limited to, mounted rooftop signs and illuminated rooftop signs. “

“Prior to installing any roof-top signs on the Wells Fargo Towers, Wells Fargo must meet and confer” with the Vikings.

The Vikings are “entitled to its reasonable attorneys’ fees and costs incurred” in this legal battle.

Minnesota Vikings statement

“We are pleased with the Court's ruling today that requires Wells Fargo to honor its written agreement with the Minnesota Vikings by removing all raised rooftop signage within 30 days and directs Wells Fargo not to install any mounted or illuminated rooftop signage in the future. We appreciate Judge Frank's deliberate and thoughtful review of our request and his decision to uphold the written agreement.”

The Vikings argued the large, slightly-raised, glowing signs violated terms of their agreement with Ryan Companies and Wells Fargo, which allowed the bank to paint logos on the rooftops of its East Town towers. The team feared the signs would "photobomb" aerial images of the U.S. Bank Stadium, like those from a blimp during Vikings games.