Vikings win international award for best pregame show

From the flashing lights in the stadium to the original music by the Minnesota Symphony Orchestra to the incredible display of snow inside U.S. Bank Stadium, the Minnesota Vikings are being internationally recognized for their pregame show. 

This summer, the Vikings were awarded the Best Show Open in all sports by the Golden Matrix Awards. The winners of this award are selected by a panel of industry experts and peers. The Vikings' pregame show was awarded the highest honor, giving the team bragging rights for the best pregame entertainment out of any professional sports team in North America. 

"I think It’s even more special for fans to know that when they’re coming here to U.S. Bank Stadium now you’re getting to experience the best show, for the year, but the best show you can find in North America and I think that’s special, that’s really cool and if I’m a fan coming to the game I want to come see this," Arthur Kuh, Manager of game and event creative for the Minnesota Vikings, said. 

Kuh and his team use a combination of video, graphics, music, smoke and props to create the roughly 15-minute show that starts before kickoff and introduces the teams. He says the show isn’t just about entertainment. It’s intended to get fans in their seats and energized so the team can feed off that energy the second they hit the field. 

"That’s the idea, right? That you can create the energy in the stands and we can’t play the game, but we can create that energy players can feel that and hopefully perform better," Kuh said.