Vikings QB options after Teddy Bridgewater injury

The Minnesota Vikings placed Teddy Bridgewater on injured reserve Wednesday, one day after the quarterback left practice in an ambulance with a dislocated knee and torn ACL.

While the quarterback doesn't make the whole team, he does lead it. Do the Vikings stay with veteran backup Shaun Hill, or go shopping? A few of the names floated by NFL reporters and analysts include:

Mike Glennon, currently backing up Jameis Winston in Tampa Bay.

Colin Kaepernick, battling Blaine Gabbert, the 49ers front office and public opinion in San Francisco.

Mark Sanchez, who lost out to Trevor Siemian for the starting job in Denver.

Geno Smith, who has failed to take the reins with the New York Jets.

Michael Vick, currently a free agent who appeared in 5 games for the Pittsburgh Steelers last season.

Vikings head coach Mike Zimmer says he's confident in Shaun Hill – an experienced quarterback who knows Norv Turner’s system and can still throw a deep ball. At Tuesday’s news conference, Zimmer said the Vikings are going to do whatever it takes to win games this season – if they have to run the ball 65 times or pass it 65.

“We’re not going to stick our heads in the sand,” Zimmer said. “We’re not going to go tuck our legs. We’re not looking for excuses. We’re going to go out and fight like we always do….Everybody can count us out, but I think that would be the wrong thing to do.”

The team's next preseason game is Thursday against the St. Louis Rams. The Vikings re-signed previously-waived quarterback Brad Sorensen on Wednesday.

Bridgewater will undergo surgery in the next few days. Vikings head athletic trainer Eric Sugarman said the recovery time will be significant, but the team expects its starting quarterback to make a full recovery.

FIRST REPORT - Teddy Bridgewater suffers ‘significant knee injury’ at Vikings practice

Vikings statement from head athletic trainer Eric Sugarman

"Teddy Bridgewater suffered a non-contact injury today at practice. The injury was quickly identified as a dislocated knee. The injury was stabilized, and he was transported to a nearby hospital for treatment and evaluation. After undergoing an MRI, it was determined that Teddy suffered a complete tear to his ACL and other structural damage. Fortunately, there appears to be no nerve or arterial damage. Surgical repair will be scheduled within the next few days. Although the recovery time will be significant, we expect Teddy to make a full recovery. I would like to thank all of the medical professionals and our athletic training staff for all of their help today. Teddy has already displayed the attitude needed to overcome this injury and attack his rehab."