Vikings: Is Kirk Cousins the most underrated QB in the NFL?

Kirk Cousins is entering his sixth season with the Minnesota Vikings, and for a myriad of reasons, he’s been a polarizing figure since the day he came to Minnesota.

The Vikings start training camp next week as rookies and select veterans report on Sunday. The rest of the team reports on Tuesday, and their first practice is Wednesday. The first session open to the public is next Saturday.

Cousins just got done being one of three quarterbacks featured on the Netflix docuseries "Quarterback," along with Patrick Mahomes and Marcus Mariota. In a sit down interview with all three after seeing the series, Mahomes and Mariota each had high praise for Cousins.

They were asked who is the most underrated quarterback in the NFL?

"I think this guy right here is," said Mahomes, pointing to Cousins. "I mean if you look at Kirk over here man, wins every year, puts up great stats. Did it in Washington, does it in Minnesota, talk to any other quarterbacks in the league and they’re going to say the same thing."

"I paid him to say that," Cousins joked. "Any time you can be complimented by your peers, it beats any compliment coming from anybody else in your life. That means a lot."

"I agree with that. I’ve been in a few systems and a few coaches, and a lot of the tape that we’d watch was of Kirk," Mariota said. "A guy, consistently year in and year out, continues to prove why he is one of the top quarterbacks in the league."

Cousins threw for more than 4,500 yards, 29 touchdowns and 14 interceptions last season despite being sacked a career-high 46 times. He also was one of the most hit quarterbacks in the NFL.

He’s been a Pro Bowl pick in three of his five seasons with the Vikings, and has 153 touchdowns with 50 interceptions over that time. The knock on Cousins is the Vikings have won just one playoff game with him at quarterback, and he struggles in primetime games.

Cousins was also asked more light-hearted questions. His cheat meal in the offseason is pizza, burgers or any type of fast food.

"I can’t get enough fast food," Cousins said.

Cousins said his favorite moment from last season was the Vikings’ comeback from down 33-0 to the Colts to get a 39-36 win, and earn the NFC North Division title in the process.