Twins to continue using off-duty Minneapolis police for security at Target Field

Target Field. Photo credit: Greg Kellogg (Greg Kellogg/FOX 9 photojournalist / FOX 9)

The Minnesota Twins on Friday announced the team will continue to employ off-duty Minneapolis police officers for security at Target Field, while continuing to evalaute their relationship with the MPD.

Statement from the Minnesota Twins

“The Minnesota Twins, following the tragic and senseless death of George Floyd, initiated a process to carefully evaluate our safety and security needs for the 2020 season, including our longstanding relationship with the Minneapolis Police Department (MPD). That evaluation, to date, has included dialogue with Chief Medaria Arradondo, whom we support and believe in his integrity, ability and desire to create systemic change. Additionally, we’ve sought out and listened to many voices – both inside and outside the Twins organization. This process will continue for the foreseeable future.

“For the 2020 Major League Baseball season, the Twins will continue our past practice of screening and hiring individual off-duty Minneapolis police officers to assist our internal security team in keeping Target Field safe for our fans, our players and our employees. The officers selected in the past have consistently demonstrated our organizational principles and values; those selected this year will be held to the same standards. We have seen firsthand that there are individual officers within the MPD that are committed to creating a policing culture of accountability, respect, empathy and fairness that honors the individual rights of everyone.

“With this decision now in place, we will evaluate our security staffing options for the 2021 season based on authentic progress toward significant reform within the Minneapolis Police Department and/or a community-embraced public safety model. We believe in the sincerity of city leaders to create meaningful change that advances racial justice and equality, and encourage those leaders to be unified and tenacious toward that goal.

“There is no place for racism, inequality or injustice in our community.”

The University of Minnesota, Minneapolis Public Schools and Minneapolis Parks and Recreation are among entities that made the decision to end of limit their relationship with the MPD following the death of George Floyd in police custody.