Timberwolves celebrate good times, Charles Barkley says 'c'mon'

The crowd went wild, the Timberwolves raised their hands triumphantly, and Charles Barkley wasn’t having it. 

Following the Timberwolves thrilling 109-104 victory to secure the seventh seed in the playoffs, The TNT NBA Crew and several dour NBA stars took time to jump on Twitter to rain on the Wolves celebration. 

Barkley, ever the chatter box,  and the rest of the TNT crew, fresh off covering the NCAA tournament, joked the Wolves' celebration needed "One Shining Moment" or "We are the Champions" playing.

Joking the season was over since a celebration like that clearly meant the Wolves just won the NBA Title. 

LeBron James, watching this year's playoff from his living room, after the Lakers finished the season as the 11th best team in the Western Conference kept is critique simpler.

Of course the Wolves player and faithful, having endured years of sub-mediocre basketball, and seeing the joy in winning, defended the festivities.

Some fans responding to the criticism the best was possible…telling the haters, "We don't care."

The party hopes to continue when the Wolves take on the Memphis Grizzlies Saturday at 2:30 p.m.