Lynx coach Cheryl Reeve on Wolves playoff win: ‘I was so wired after the game’

The Minnesota Lynx have just started training camp, but that didn’t stop coach Cheryl Reeve from watching the Minnesota Timberwolves sweep the Phoenix Suns Sunday night.

Like every Timberwolves’ fan who stayed up to watch the franchise’s first playoff series win in 20 years, Reeve had a little trouble putting her head on the pillow after the game.

"I was so wired after the game, it was late. I had come back in from Knoxville after sleeping only a couple hours but I was so wide awake. I was also sick for Finchy, like I felt that. I didn’t go to sleep for a very long time afterwards. We’ve had many, many great moments in Phoenix, and I have a visceral reaction. I’m not there, but I feel like I was there and I felt those moments of them breaking the Phoenix Suns," Reeve said at Lynx practice on Monday. "There’s not a better feeling when you’re doing it on the road, that’s one of my favorite things. I was pretty darn wired, I can’t imagine how they felt."

Same coach, same. The Timberwolves beat the Suns 122-116 to complete a 4-0 sweep and move onto the Western Conference Semifinals. They also lost Chris Finch to a torn right patellar tendon after a collision with Mike Conley Jr. late in regulation.

The Timberwolves now wait for their next opponent, which is most likely the Denver Nuggets.