Die-hard 12-year-old Minnesota Vikings fan shares passion for the sport

For 12-year-old Vikings fan JJ Anyeacho, passion for football goes far beyond the end of the fourth quarter. From player statistics to coach criticism to strategy breakdowns, JJ is sharing his Viking analyses and studying hard to keep up with the game. 

"I look up the Vikings depth chart, I watch film before the Vikings next game, I watch film to see how many yards they give up, see what they could do to improve, things like that. So yeah, I watch games basically every day," JJ said. 

JJ lives in Barre, Massachusetts, about an hour and a half outside of Boston. He was born in Minnesota and lived here until he was about 7 years old. Even after moving to Patriots country, JJ says the Vikings are a part of him and, no matter what, he’ll stay true to the purple. 

"Minnesota Vikings are like family to me. You can’t choose family. I can’t choose a new mom, I can’t choose a new dad, I can’t choose a new team. The Vikings are just that team no matter how bad they lose, no matter what happens, I’m always a Vikings fan," JJ said. 

12-year-old Vikings fan JJ Anyeacho, passion for football goes far beyond the end of the fourth quarter. (FOX 9)

JJ says his love for the Vikings started when he started watching games with his dad when he was around five years old. JJ still remembers the first game they watched in 2015. It was the Vikings vs. Cardinals, and the Vikings won. 

When he was around ten years old, JJ started getting interested in color commentary. He says he would practice his own commentary over Madden video games and NFL games. By the time he was 11, he says he realized that analyzing team statistics was something he not only loved, but was natural at. 

At the start of this season, he started posting his analyses on his YouTube page where he talks about coaches, practice strategy, injury impacts and all things Vikings football. It’s not just the people on the field he studies, he’s also interested in who’s working in the Viking’s front office.

"I really want to meet, by the way Vikings General Manager Kwesi Adofo-Mensah, I like him a lot and I want to meet him one day," JJ said. 

JJ deserves credit for his skills and the time commitment he makes to studying all things Vikings. But some of his skills could be credited to genetics. His mom used to be a broadcaster in Cameroon before moving to the United States. During her career, she covered soccer and even hosted her own soccer show. 

JJ’s mom, Mabel, says JJ loves to talk and she’s glad he’s found a way to combine his passions and interests into something he’s so interested in and committed to. 

You can watch the Minnesota Vikings vs. Chicago Bears game on FOX 9 at noon on Sunday.