Woman rescued after she rappelled down Ford Bridge to fish

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The Ramsey County Sheriff's Office had a to rescue a woman who got stuck on the Ford Bridge after she rappelled down it.

A woman had to be rescued on the Mississippi River after she rappelled down the Ford Bridge in St. Paul and got stuck, according to Commander Eric Bradt with the Ramsey County Sheriff's Office.

Bradt says Tuesday afternoon a woman used a rope to climb down from the bridge and get on top of a concrete pylon so that she could fish. The woman, however, got stuck and couldn't get back up. While she didn't have a phone, she was able to get someone on a nearby bank to call for help.

Bradt says the current is "extremely fast" in that area on the river. He says it's also a dangerous and difficult-to-reach spot because it is right before the dam.

The sheriff's office received the call at 1:25 p.m. and within about 25 minutes they were able to reach the woman and get her to safety. While the woman was a little cold, she appeared otherwise fine.