Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker makes Minnesota visit

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker met with Republican state lawmakers at the Minnesota Capitol on Thursday. He made no comments to the media prior to the closed-door meeting, but stopped to answer a few questions afterward, with House Speaker Kurt Daudt at his side.

What did they talk about?

"We talked about issues that we're concerned about not only in the states but certainly the concerns that I have about this great country," Gov. Walker said. "Talking about the need for growth in America. The need for more reform that will put power back in the hands of lawmakers and governors in states like Minnesota, like Wisconsin. And increasingly the need to make sure that we protect the safety of our families, of our communities and of course our country."

Minnesota vs Wisconsin budgets

Former Minneapolis Mayor R.T. Rybak, now vice chairman of the Democratic National Committee, authored an opinion column in the Star Tribune that highlighted Minnesota's $1 billion budget surplus and Wisconsin's $2 billion deficit.

"So please, Gov. Walker, while you are in Minnesota today, take note of a thriving economy," Rybak wrote. "Our neighbors to the east could use the help."

Gov. Walker countered by saying that a comparison of the two state's shouldn't overshadow progress within Wisconsin's' borders.

"It's a comparison. For many years, when Gov. Pawlenty was in office, the state was doing quite well," Walker said. "You've had the advantage of having, other than a two-year period, Republicans in charge of at least one part of government for at least some time. Before we came into office, for many years there was a Democratic governor, Democratic Assembly, Democratic Senate. In the beginning of 2010 we had a 9.2 percent unemployment rate. We're down to 4.6 percent. We have for many years been higher than Minnesota's unemployment rate, but if you look at where we started and where we're at today, there's been a dramatic change."

2016 presidential campaign

"In my case, I won't make an announcement about a possible run for president until after my legislature is done with our state budget, which will probably happen in June." Walker said.

Spotted Cow in Minnesota

A true politician, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker didn't take sides on selling Spotted Cow beer in Minnesota.

"We love that and Leinenkugel's just across the river, but it's great to be here," the governor said.