WATCH: Vikings fans go wild, jump in snow, to celebrate biggest comeback win in NFL history

When the Minnesota Vikings were down 33-0 to Indianapolis Colt at halftime Saturday, some fans reportedly left U.S. Bank Stadium. Others, watching from home, turned off their TVs, and went to shovel snow. 

They missed the greatest comeback win in NFL history.  The Vikings sealed NFC North Division in thrilling style, outscoring the Colts 39-3 in the second half and winning 39-36 with an overtime field goal. 

Vikings fans across the state and the country reacted as you might expect: by yelling at their TVs, embracing their loved ones (or whoever happened to be standing closest,) dancing the gritty, and by taking their shirts off to go outside and make snow angels. 

We know because when we asked you, our audience, to send us videos of your post-game reactions, we received dozens and dozens of clips. Some of the best are included in the video above, but you can find more in the comments on this Facebook post, where you can add your own video and share the story of how you experienced the game with us and other fans. 

Vikings QB Kirk Cousins shared his thoughts after the game. Unfortunately, for many fans, he didn't take off his shirt and jump in the snow, but his jacket was snazzy: