Watch: Tourist accidentally lets ‘thousands’ of moths into hotel room

Tourists visiting Thailand had some unwelcome guests enter their hotel room by the thousands. 

Jemma Sayer shared videos on TikTok showing what appeared to be hundreds, if not thousands, of moths inside her hotel room during her trip to Pai in late May. 

The footage showed insects covering a mosquito net over a bed, which was also infested. The bugs could be seen flying around the room as a man, who was identified by local news media as a hotel employee, surveyed the room while wielding a bat. 


Still image from video showing thousands of moths inside a tourist's hotel room in Thailand. (Jemma Sayer via Storyful)

Sayer said that she and her friend had checked into their hotel when they noticed a gap next to the door was letting moths inside. 

They attempted to block it by wedging towels in the crack, but when they opened the door, "a cobra launched at us and over 2,000 moths flew into our room," Sayer said. 

The girls only opened the door "for a split second" before the chaos ensued," according to local reports. 

The hotel quickly moved Sayer and her friend to a different room. 

Storyful contributed to this report. This story was reported from Los Angeles.