Watch: Manta ray leaps from water behind fisherman

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A fisherman's camera captured video of a giant ray jumping out of the water, just over his shoulder.

The owner of MDLR Fishing was dropping his line in the waters off Jetty Park near Freeport, Texas when the ray launched into the air.

"That is insane!" he said, looking back toward where the ray jumped from the water a second time. "I thought it was a dolphin at first."

MDLR Fishing posted the video clip on Youtube with the caption:

"With all the blue water sticking around longer than usual. A lot of new fish are making their presence know. I've seen a lot of smaller rays but this one takes the cake!!!"

The ray appears to be a manta ray, also known as a devil ray, which can grow up to 18 feet, according to FWC. They have triangular pectoral fins and horn-shaped cephalic fins beside their mouths.

They are known to jump out of the water, or breach, but it's not clear why.