VIDEO: Pickup truck pool party busted by Minnesota trooper

A pickup truck being used by 5 teenagers as a makeshift swimming pool on wheels was pulled over in St. Michael, Minnesota on June 23. A state trooper stopped the 16-year-old driver around 4:43 p.m. on Highway 241 at Lincoln Drive for driving with a cracked windshield, and found 3 girls in the bed of the truck “with water sloshing out the sides.”

"We call it waterbeds,” said Colby Guinea, the owner of the pickup. “Some people call it pool beds. Just something funny and creative."

The State Patrol said putting down a plastic tarp and filling your truck bed with water is not illegal in Minnesota, but the shifting water could increase the chance of a rollover.

"Don't try this at home,” said Lt. Tiffani Nielson. “Maybe you want to park in the driveway and fill up the back, but as soon as you take it on the road there's a risk of a crash."

The State Patrol report noted "there were 3 females in the back of the bed of the truck, wearing swim suits and the bed was lined with a tarp and filled with water." The trooper issued a warning to Guinea for unsafe operation and no current proof of insurance. The driver was also warned for operating with a cracked windshield.

"I like the attention part of it,” said passenger Haley Cederberg. “Riding down the road, all the cars honking and waving. That was the funny part of it."

Initially, the trooper cited the three young women for not wearing seatbelts, but then rescinded the citations on the premise that the driver was more responsible for the safety of the occupants. 

Watch the complete dash cam video of the traffic stop at