Video: Boy rides on MSP Airport baggage conveyor belt

Newly released video shows the moment a nine-year-old boy rode on the baggage conveyor belt at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport.

The incident happened on May 1 just after 1 p.m. near the Delta ticket counter, according to the MSP Airport police report. Officers responded after Delta ticket agents reported a boy had gone into the bag drop door and rode the conveyor belt. Some employees saw him and tried to pull him out, but he was too fast for them.

The boy's father told police the boy has autism. He said he was checking in for his flight to Amsterdam and none of the family members had been keeping track of the boy. Ticket agents told police two children had been running around the area unsupervised at the time. The father realized what happened to his son once he heard the ticket agents yelling. The mother told the officer they had seven children traveling with them.

Within minutes, a Delta employee found the boy near the airport's explosive detection machines and helped another officer get the boy out of the area. The boy not injured and was reunited with his family.

After reviewing surveillance video, police determined the boy rode the conveyor belt for about three minutes.

According to the report, the boy will not face charges for violating airport policy.