Usher's most searched for songs ahead of Super Bowl per Google Trends

In anticipation of the upcoming Super Bowl halftime performance, a significant uptick in searches for Usher's songs on Google has been noted, according to recent data. A recently released map provides a visual representation of the most searched Usher songs by state, offering insights into the musical preferences of both NFL and Usher enthusiasts nationwide.

At the forefront of the list stands the hit track "Yeah!" as the number one most searched Usher song. This upbeat anthem has not only captivated fans nationwide but has emerged as the top choice in many states.

Following closely in second place is the song "Good Good," with a noteworthy concentration of searches originating from the southeastern part of the United States, including the state of Georgia.

"Good Good" is one of Usher's recent songs. It features Summer Walker, 21 Savage and the city of Atlanta's most famous backdrop.

Securing the third spot in the ranking is the Usher classic "Lovers and Friends," released in 2004, which has found favor among fans in California, Nevada, and Hawaii.

Usher made an appearance at an Apple Music event on Thursday to promote his highly anticipated performance during the Big Game on Sunday. While not disclosing specific details, Usher hinted that the focus of his performance would be on songs celebrating life, love, and his personal journey in music and life. He underscored the profound influence of Atlanta on his music, stating, "I turned Vegas to Atlanta. I took that V and turned it upside down … That was the influence Atlanta had on me - so much so that I collected everything I've experienced and brought that culture to Las Vegas and now to the rest of the world for the Super Bowl halftime show."

The singer further teased the audience by revealing two "special things" incorporated into the show, both reflecting culture and his creativity. One of these surprises is a skating routine featuring skates designed by Usher himself.


While the Super Bowl is one of the biggest television events in the United States every year, it's the star-studded half-time show that gets the most attention online.

Rihanna's performance in 2023 was the most-watched halftime show of all time with 121.017 million viewers, according to Billboard. Katy Perry's 2015 performance at Super Bowl XLIX was viewed by 121 million and Lady Gaga's performance in 2017 was watched by 117.5 million.