UPS driver joins kids for game of hopscotch after delivering package in Rochester, Minn.

A UPS driver dropping off a package in Rochester, Minnesota took a few seconds away from his day to join two kids for a quick game of hopscotch, a gesture of kindness that the childrens' mother says is more important than it may seem.

Teresa Angeli, the children's mother, saw the driver and shared the nice moment -- which was captured on her security camera -- on Facebook.

In the video, after leaving the package for Angeli, driver Jason Gruhlke passed her two children, Alice and Jack, who were playing in the driveway.

As he approaches their course chalked onto the driveway, Gruhlke tells the kids "my turn" before hopping through, to the approval of the kids.

For Angeli, what seems like a small moment translates to something a little bigger for her children who, like everyone else, are living in the midst of a pandemic that has drastically changed socialization.

"I thought right away my kids are probably so excited someone did that," wrote Angeli in a comment provided by UPS. "COVID has made [them] skeptical of people in general. For him to come out and do something fun and light-hearted, to give them a big smile… to show them that people are still friendly and it’s still ok to have fun... It made me want to put his video out there."