University of Minnesota debuts new apple variety, Kudos

The University of Minnesota has created a new apple variety, just in time for fall. If you are a fan of the University’s Honeycrisp, Zestar!, and SweeTango apples, you are in for a treat with their new apple: Kudos. 

The apple is described as having a unique combination of traits including an excellent crisp, juicy texture and a sweet, well-balanced flavor with occasional tropical overtones. 

It was developed by crossing the University’s Honeycrisp and Zestar! apple, making it a sister to the SweeTango apple. 

"Eating a Kudos apple is like having a crunchy, juicy tropical party in your mouth," says University of Minnesota apple breeder David Bedford.

While you may be eager to try this new apple, it will not be widely available in the marketplace for two to three years. Kudos apples are hardy for Zone 4, with the fruit ripening in late September, the U of M says.