U of M students under investigation for selling fake IDs

University of Minnesota Police are investigating at least two students for selling fake IDs on campus.

According to court documents obtained by Fox 9, a student contacted a Minneapolis Police tip line, claiming that two students in her dorm had made thousands of dollars from selling fake IDs.

According to the documents, postal inspectors intercepted three packages, including from South Beach in Florida, addressed to Territorial Hall on campus. In them, investigators found dozens of fake IDs from Illinois, Michigan and Ohio, with the names of real University of Minnesota students.

University Police traced the packages to two roommates in the dorm, who admitted to buying and selling the IDs, according to a search warrant request. Fox 9 is not naming the students, because they have not been charged with a crime. A university spokesperson said the investigation is still active.

The investigation comes as businesses in Dinkytown continue to crack down on fake IDs. Many, like Dinkytown Wine & Spirits, employ scanners and confiscate IDs found to be fake. Managers said the problem is most acute during the first weeks of school, but fakes are found throughout the year.