Two horses missing in Stearns County

The search for Ace and Taykota continues.

 The two horses went missing from Stearns County on July 10th from their fenced in area in Lyden Township.  

The horses are described as Paint Geldings. 

Ace is a 9-year-old with a sorrel and white coat and a tobiano pattern. And his companion Taykota, is a 6-years-old with a dun and white coat and a overo pattern.  

There was a possible sighting of one of the horses early Friday, just south of Clearwater, but nothing has been confirmed. 

“It’s not clear whether the horses were stolen, or jumped the fence during Sunday night’s storm.” Stearns County Chief Deputy Bruce Bechtold said. 

There is still an investigation that is ongoing. 

Both horses are people oriented and very friendly. Each horse is said to be worth $1,000.