Twin Cities chef headed to Turkey to help with earthquake relief

Twin Cities chef and restaurateur Brian Ingram, of Purpose Restaurants, is headed to Turkey to help after a 7.8 earthquake and subsequent aftershocks devastated Turkey and Syria, killing thousands.

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On FOX 9 Good Day Friday morning, Ingram said he's getting on a plane in a few hours to Turkey to help with earthquake relief, noting he has a partnership with the Gospel Culture Cafe in Turkey. He traveled there a few years ago to help kick off the cafe.

"If I can go over there in the summer and walk in Chai fields, then I damn sure should get over there when they really need it," Ingram said. 

They have a couple of vans waiting to head to Turkey's version of Costco, load it with blankets and warmth, and do a soup kitchen out of the other van. 

Ingram plans to stay for a week, possibly longer. They'll serve until they "Run out of money, or they throw us out."

Purpose Restaurants includes Hope Breakfast Bar in St. Paul and St. Louis Park, The Gnome Craft Pub in St. Paul, and The Apostle Supper Club in St. Paul and Duluth.