Top summer jobs for teens and how much they pay

Teens around the country will soon be finishing school and looking for ways to pass their time during the summer. Many of them will want to secure a job to earn some extra cash.

Wide range of job opportunities

Teens have a variety of summer job options to choose from, whether they prefer to work indoors or outdoors. According to Ramsey Solutions and "The Ken Coleman Show" host Ken Coleman, there are several prime options for teen summer job seekers.

Examples of summer jobs

Ramsey Solutions highlights the following summer jobs as well-suited for teens:

  • Camp counselor: Working as a camp counselor is a popular choice for teens who enjoy working with children and spending time outdoors.
  • Mall store or food worker: Many teens find employment in retail stores or food joints in malls, providing customer service and handling sales.
  • Babysitter: Babysitting offers flexible hours and the opportunity to earn a significant hourly rate by taking care of children.
  • Lifeguard: Lifeguarding is another popular summer job, particularly for teens who are strong swimmers and have completed the necessary training and certifications.

How much teens can earn

The pay for summer jobs varies depending on the role and the teen's ability to set their own rates.

  • Babysitting: According to Ramsey Solutions, babysitting can earn teens over $18.50 an hour.
  • Lawn mowing: Teens who take care of people’s lawns can make around $50 per mow, depending on the property’s size.
  • Camp counselor: A summer camp counselor position typically offers an hourly rate in the ballpark of $16.
  • Mall store or food worker: Minimum wage is common for teen employment at stores or food joints in the mall.
  • Lifeguard: The pay for lifeguarding depends on the nature of the job, such as the type of water and whether it’s privately or government-run.

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Beyond traditional roles

Teens can also explore other money-making opportunities beyond traditional summer jobs. Ramsey Solutions suggests options like:

  • Social media: Teens can manage social media accounts or create content for businesses.
  • Photography: Teens with a passion for photography can offer their services for events or portraits.
  • Surveys: Participating in online surveys can be an easy way for teens to earn extra money.

Job market outlook

A report by Challenger, Gray & Christmas indicated that employers will offer 1.3 million more jobs for teenagers in May, June, and July. This would be the highest number of summer jobs added since 2020. Last year, just over 1 million jobs were added for teens during the same period.

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