Twin Cities theatres team up to bring more diversity to the stage

Five theatres from across the country are teaming up to bring culturally diverse productions to the stage.

"We feel this is a major initiative that could have incredible national implications," said Peter Brosius, artistic director at Children’s Theatre Company.

The Children’s Theatre Company in Minneapolis and the Penumbra Theatre in St. Paul are part of "Generation Now."

Brosius says the initiative calls for the development of 16 new plays created by writers who are Black, Indigenous, Latinx and Asian American Pacific Islander.

"I think what’s exciting is there is such a need for people to see themselves on stage. There’s such a need to make sure that all stories are being told."

The group is backed by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation with a $1.5 million grant.

"The way it’s going to work is that there will be a series of focused partnerships where work will get co-commissioned, which means we’ll be in discussion. We’ll figure out what ideas, what writers, what projects seem most exciting and then we’ll work individually in partnerships.

Brosius said the vision is for the plays to ignite conversations, excite audiences and promote a culture of inclusion.

"We cannot wait to see the impact that this work will have."