Teen charged after posting Snapchat video of gun outside Edina school

The teen who allegedly posted a video of himself holding a gun outside an Edina school, sending two schools into remote learning on Friday, has now been charged.

The 17-year-old Minneapolis boy was charged Monday with threats of violence and illegal possession of ammo.

The video the teen posted on Thursday, in which he threatened an Edina student, sparked fears, leading the district to conduct classes remotely the following day. According to authorities, the video showed the teen holding a handgun outside Edina High School and was captioned: "Come outside b----."

Police later learned the teen who made the threat had used a Snapchat account he created with an email that matched his name. Investigators were later able to connect the teen to the account.

At the teen's home, officers found "Glock" sweatpants that matched what they say the suspect was wearing in the Snapchat video. They also seized the teen's phone which police say is connected to the Snapchat account. Later, in the sweatpants, officers found a round of 9mm ammunition.

The teen, who FOX 9 is not identifying because of his age, was taken to the Juvenile Detention Center for questioning. Authorities say the boy claimed his Snapchat account had been hacked and invoked his right to remain silent.