Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett speaks at University of Minnesota

Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett was met with protests as she took the stage in Northrup Auditorium Monday. The conservative justice was the featured speaker at the University of Minnesota Law School’s Stein Lecture.

Ten minutes into the 90-minute program, half a dozen protesters who were seated in the audience interrupted with loud chants. Interim law school dean William McGeveran told the students to "vacate the room or be subject to arrest," and the program continued.

The law school said they were aware of the planned protests, which were mostly in opposition to Justice Barrett’s ruling on abortion.

"It's important to hear different points of view," said former dean and the lecture’s namesake Robert Stein. "That’s the core of a university is to entertain different perspectives and opinions."

Outside the auditorium, around 60 protesters gathered. A large law enforcement presence was also in place.

"I believe the inclusion of Amy Coney Barrett is highly disrespectful," said U of M student Valentine Seebart. "This was something chosen by groups representing a minority interest on campus not based off interests of the general student body."

"Her policies do not align with our school values," said Kailez Campbell. "If she’s taking away our basic human rights, she should not be allowed to speak here on campus."

Justice Barrett is the sixth Supreme Court Justice to be featured in the Stein Lecture series.