Subzero temps are ALMOST over

25 subzero day is the most since the winter of 2013-2014.

After 2 solid months with temperatures containing a minus sign at times, it's finally about to end. 

Wednesday marked the 25th day so far this season where temperatures dipped below zero in the Twin Cities. That is tied for the most appearances in a season in the last several years, but well shy of the 50 we experienced in the "polar vortex" winter of 2013-2014.

Last day for sub zero temps

Subzero temps become much rarer in March. (FOX 9)

But it looks like we are finally going to climb away from the subzero numbers. It becomes increasingly difficult for temperatures to get below zero in the Twin Cities as we begin March. Higher sun angle, longer daylight, and a general dwindling snowpack make it harder to get that cold as we get into and through that first week of March.  In fact, we haven't made it past the first week of March with a subzero temp since 2008. But the average last subzero temp in the Twin Cities is far sooner, on February 19th. 

That day is obviously come and gone, but with a pattern change expected this weekend and at least a mild thaw looking more likely for at least part of next week, the end of subzero temps is knocking on the door over the next few days.