Students adjust to schools implementing distance learning

Maple Grove High School again switched to distance learning this week after rising cases of COVID-19.

15-year-old Zach Ruhr said there’d been rumors distance learning might be coming, but when he heard they late Monday, it still came as a bit of a shock.

"My initial reaction was this can’t be happening… this has already happened," Ruhr told FOX 9’s Rob Olson.

As a freshman at Maple Grove High School he said he hadn’t personally noticed a lot of COVID-related problems. But the district says some schools have as much as a quarter of their staff out, and so the choice had to be made to go online through next week – a very sudden change, and with that, some shaky starts as students and teachers abruptly shift on short notice.

"A couple times I’ve gone on a Google meeting and I’m like why am I here? I’m getting the feeling like this is going to go on a little bit longer because the days are going by so slow," said Ruhr.

The list of schools is growing, and schools recognize this can be tough of parents, as well as, students.

Osseo-Maple Grove says they have mental health therapists –  counselors, social workers and school nurses all available to help kids, and to reach out if needed.

Meanwhile, Zach says he’s fine, just a bit shell-shocked how fast it happened.

"It just seemed like the same old day, but then here we are," said Ruhr.