#songsofthevirus: Minnesota music teachers spearhead musical messages of safety

#Songsofthevirus has given many families something to smile about during uncertain times.

With many Minnesotans home right now and more starting this weekend due to the Governor’s stay-at-home order, some of them will join a group of people putting their musical talents towards spreading the message of safety.

People are shutting themselves in due to COVID-19 and are trying to come up with new ways of reaching out to people, including music teachers and musicians.

They are publishing musical messages and posting them to social media.

It’s a social media movement created by Farmington High School Band Director Brad Mariska.

“So, I just sat down one night and wrote an original song and put it on Facebook with the hashtag, #songsofthevirus,” he said. “And it just sort of took off. I had a bunch of colleagues and music teachers and performers who accepted the challenge. And it’s become a really, really fun distraction in a way to add a little levity to a pretty serious situation.”

Across the country, musicians are joining the chorus. Among them is Chaska Middle School West Band Director Eric Songer.

“A lot of parents think it’s just great,” Songer said. “A lot of my students think I’m weird. They already knew I’m weird, so that’s no big deal.”

In the songs, there’s plenty of satire, but the underlying message is serious: Stay home and maybe write a song.

“And anybody who wants to join, if you have that sort of attitude, go for it. Because you’re going to bring some light into an otherwise dark situation,” said Mariska.

You can find all the videos on Facebook and YouTube under #songsofthevirus.