SEIU Members lead community march in support of workers' rights in Minneapolis

SEIU Local 26 Union hosted a rally with more than 100 janitors and security officers to fight for workers’ rights. This is in response to open contract negotiations that will impact over 6,000 employees throughout the Twin Cities.
“We deserve things like real paid sick time!” One worker said.

Paid sick time has become not only a labor issue but also a political issue, workers rallied at the Minneapolis city hall this week to demand that city council members force employers to provide paid sick time as part of a new working family’s ordinance.

“More sick days and holiday pay, that would be terrific!” Janitor, Chris Deakyne said.

Union representatives tell Fox 9 most security officers start at $12/hr.
“It's really tough to survive even just paying rent can be difficult but then how are you supposed to save for retirement or anything else like that.” Security officer, Kevin Chavis said.

Representatives with the Minneapolis St. Paul Contract Cleaners Association say,
"The employers are committed to negotiating with the union in good faith for an agreement that reflects the realities of the market and is in the mutual best interest of the employees, employers and customers."

“It's very difficult to work 8 hours and do the work often times of two people.” Janitor, Elia Starkweather said.

Starkweather also says her wages of $14.62 an hour is not enough.
“It's only enough to cover my rent with one paycheck, and the other is for bills and food, then I come up short. I'd like to my 20 dollars an hour.” Janitor, Elia Starkweather said.

Members say they have a little bit more time before they start thinking about strikes.