Rogers business community sponsors police officers' tactical gear

Every day Sergeant Jeff Beck patrols the halls of Rogers High School. Recently, he realized that if he was faced with an active shooter situation, he wasn’t properly equipped.

“We have no time to wait for tactical teams,” Beck said. “If there is an active event occurring, we need to enter, we cannot wait because people are dying every second.”

A small department, Rogers Police Department didn’t budget for the tactical vests and helmets that can sustain the impact of a high-powered rifle.

So, Beck came up with a plan.

“I wanted to grab the community’s attention and say this is something we can do together as we watch these things happen nationwide on TV,” Beck said.

His strategy was simple. He went door to door and asked local businesses to sponsor an officer.

Pastor Chad Spinler with Life Gate Church was one of the many that said, “Yes.”

“It just seemed like an opportunity where we could serve and protect those who dedicated to serve and protect us,” said Spinler.

Tuesday night, 21 donors handed an officer the tactical gear they purchased specially for them. It’s gear that very well might save their lives.

“You’re a person, you’ve got a family, you’re a member of our community,” Spinler said. “And here’s a tangible expression of how much we believe in you. We care about you. We want the best for you.”