Rockford teenager turning heads with Spiderman-clad struts through town

This teenager in Rockford turns heads on his occasional walks through town in which he wears a Spiderman costume.

By day, Zachary Menth is a typical teenager, but every once in a while he suits up as his favorite superhero and heads out the door to strut his stuff.

"It’s awesome. It’s fun for me," he said. "I’m glad that the people of this town enjoy it."

Several times a week, Menth dresses up as Spiderman to take a stroll down Main Street in downtown Rockford.

He doesn’t just walk, either. He cuts a rug on his trips through town while listening to 1980s music in his headphones.

"It just has that groove, I guess," he said.

Menth said he started spinning his web three months ago after he bought the costume on Amazon. Since then, he says he’s gotten mostly rave reviews about his wall-crawling, crime-fighting alter ego.

"There’s been a couple of times when I’m out dancing and doing my own thing. People will pull me over and give me a Spiderman signal," Menth said.

He said his costume is wearing thin, so he won’t be able to continue his dancing antics forever, but he wants to be the friendly neighborhood Spiderman for as long as he can.

"I’m glad that it’s spread so much positivity and I’m glad that I’m able to experience that," Menth added. "I’m helping people out. It cheers me up as much as it cheers me up, if that makes sense?"