Robbinsdale board members voice concerns following stabbing outside school

The Vice Chair of the Robbinsdale Area School Board says "conflicting and misleading information" was sent out to families following a stabbing outside a district middle school last week. 

Vice Chair Kim Holmes made the claim at a board meeting on Tuesday night. She was attempting to add a discussion item to the agenda to go over safety concerns at Sandburg Middle School in Golden Valley, which also houses Highview Alternative Program. 

"I have grave concerns that we are experiencing another security issue and we've promised transparency to our community, our staff and our students and here we are again, not giving them that," said Holmes. 

Member ReNae Bowman echoed Holmes' sentiment. 

"We've asked for what's been done, give us reports, what are the numbers?...and we are always met with resistance, or deferment, or's like the Twilight Zone. It's become a Twilight Zone in this organization," said Bowman. 

In the end, the board voted to have a closed meeting to discuss the topic, citing that conversations could compromise students' privacy. 

The safety concerns center on two recent incidents at the middle school. On Thursday, a 15-year-old girl was arrested and charged with stabbing another student outside the Sandburg school building after an altercation. 

In March, two students were charged with gun-related offenses after a video circulated on social media last fall showing what appeared to be a gun in a school bathroom.