Police: Driver smashes into several vehicles in McDonald's parking lot after robbery

The driver of a vehicle, which police suspect was used in a robbery earlier in the day, crashed into several vehicles in a McDonald's parking lot on Sunday afternoon and sparked a police search.

A Minneapolis police officer, who was at the McDonald's at the time of the crash shortly after 2 p.m. on Sunday, witnessed an initial crash near the intersection of Lyndale Avenue North and North 45th Avenue.

That crash on the city streets sent one vehicle, a Subaru, across the snow-covered lawn of the McDonald's, smashing into at least three vehicles in the parking lot. After the crash, three people in the Subaru took off running.

McDonald's roped off for the crash. (FOX 9)

Minneapolis Police Chief Brian O'Hara, who says he was in the area and responded to the scene, says the officer at the McDonald's called in for help as the individuals took off running. Two of the three people in the crashed Subaru were arrested.

Inside the Subaru, police found three firearms and a fourth "imitation" handgun, O'Hara says.

The search for the remaining suspect is ongoing.