George Floyd's brother: 'After we get this verdict and we get this conviction, we’ll be able to breathe'

Rev. Al Sharpton led the family of George Floyd and others in a prayer Tuesday outside the Hennepin County Courthouse, where the trial of Derek Chauvin is taking place. Chauvin is the former Minneapolis police officer charged in Floyd’s death. 

"We wept through many cases from Rodney King to Eric Garner to Michael Brown—some never reached the courthouse," Sharpton said. "But here we are now, in the shadows of a courthouse, praying for justice." 

Among the attendees at the prayer were Floyd family attorney Benjamin Crump, Eric Garner’s mother Gwen Carr and former New York Governor David Paterson.  

Philonise Floyd, George Floyd’s brother, spoke following the prayer, saying, "After we get the verdict and we get this conviction, we’ll be able to breathe." 

Sharpton, Crump and Carr were all seen inside the courthouse Tuesday morning with some members of the Floyd family, according to the pool reporter. Only one member of the Floyd family is allowed in the courtroom at a time, due to COVID-19 restrictions. Family members have been rotating who takes the seat in the courtroom each day. 

Terrance Floyd, another one of George Floyd's brother was in the courtroom for the morning session on Monday. He told pool reporters listening to the testimony is difficult, but his family is staying strong through the trial. 

Last Monday, on the first official day of the trial, Sharpton, the Floyd family and others kneeled for eight minutes and 49 seconds in remembrance of George Floyd. Eight minutes and 46 seconds is symbolic of the amount of time Chauvin kneeled on Floyd’s neck during his deadly arrest on May 25, 2020, although prosecutors say it was actually nine minutes and 29 seconds