U.S. Rep. Angie Craig meets with postal officials in Lakeville over mail delays

Over the holidays, Joe Kittock says his home in Lakeville went more than a week at times without receiving any mail. So on Christmas, he had to give his wife and daughter empty boxes with notes inside saying their presents were still on their way.

"Disappointed. Like why has the system broken? Why is nobody reacting to this," said Kittock.

On Wednesday, U.S. Congresswoman Angie Craig and Lakeville's mayor met with local and regional postal officials to find out what is causing recent mail delays.

They say postal officials told them the increased number of holiday packages and workforce shortages caused some routes to not get serviced for up to 12 days in the months before Christmas.

"My office received over the holidays more than 160 calls from citizens throughout the second district. Many came from Lakeville," said Rep. Craig.

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The elected officials say progress is being made to get mail delivery back on track, with the U.S. Postal Service speeding up hiring to return to near full staffing.

But local officials say Lakeville has also outgrown its current and only post office.

"Lakeville is the 30th fastest growing city in the country. The fastest growing in Minnesota. Almost 73 thousand people, and we've got a post office designed for more like 10,000," said Lakeville Mayor Luke Hellier.

Kittock says his mail has been delivered daily since the first of the year, and he hopes it stays that way in the future.

"I think moving forward, things will get better if they stay on the case," said Kittock.

Rep. Craig says a way you can help is to encourage anyone who is looking for a job to consider a career with USPS.